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           Life is Negotiation.                                                             Give and Take is the Law.                                                      The Most Important Life Skill.




Improved Profits

Better Relationships 

Long-Term Career Success

Our Mission is to Empower You with the Negotiation Skills and Confidence to get the Best Deals and Build Lasting Partnerships. 

Improved Profits

We Offer World Class Negotiation Training & Advice:

Become a
Top Negotiator!​
Seal the Best Deal
Negotiation Basics
Negotiation Advanced
Negotiation Expert
  • Should I make the first offer? 

  • How high or low should I open? 

  • Should I just split the difference?

  • Should I act tough and bargain hard?

  • What are my BATNA, ZOPA, and RV?


The Negotiation Basics Course is designed to teach the fundamental principles of negotiation that empower beginners to dramatically improve their negotiation skills and see a visible difference in results. 


  • How to create maximum value in the deal?

  • How to create innovative solutions?

  • How to avoid behavioral biases? 

  • How to avoid negotiation traps & tricks?

  • When not to negotiate? 


The Negotiation Advanced Course is designed to teach the advanced principles of negotiation that empower beginners to take their negotiation skills to an advanced level with a quantum jump in results.  

  • How to negotiate with many stakeholders?

  • How to deal with multiple issues?

  • How to negotiate as a team? 

  • How to develop a personal style?

  • How to manage cultural differences?


The Negotiation Expert Course is designed to impart the ultimate secrets that convert advanced practitioners into top negotiators who can create maximum value in any deal and feel confident negotiating complex deals. . 

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